Episodic Weapon Test.zip Episodic Weapon Test.zip
Size : 0.042 Kb
Type : zip

 This modification will create dealers that will sell you episodic weapons once unlocked by R.Schuindt's modification.

Health Depletion.rar Health Depletion.rar
Size : 0.002 Kb
Type : rar

 This modification will deplete the health of the player and any ped whose health is below 80%. Player loses 5% of damage as DOT, peds lose 10% damage as DOT. For Example. I'm shot and suffer 50 damage. I will lose 2 health per tick, and a ped would lose 5 health per tick. The reason peds lose health at a higher rate is because it actually ticks slower for them(finding the peds with damage and then DOTing them).

Health Regeneration.rar Health Regeneration.rar
Size : 0.002 Kb
Type : rar

This modification will regenerate the player's health by the time and amount designated in the ini file. 

Business Man.zip Business Man.zip
Size : 0.003 Kb
Type : zip

This is a proof of concept more than the full on mod. It allows you to purchase the Russian Clothing shop for $10k, and then gives you a random amount of money every 5 minutes. Right not it's super simple, so it only gives 250, 500, and 750. But it proves this is possible, and will let me keep working to make the system more robust, with many more properties to come!

EWDealer.cs EWDealer.cs
Size : 29.596 Kb
Type : cs
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